Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kyla and Ethan's 1st week of school

Well, Kyla and Ethan have officially finished their first week of school. This means that they have gone to school a whole 3 days. After a few tears (more from Ethan than Kyla) everyone seems to be adjusting quite well. Kyla is so excited that she gets to see her teachers from last year everyday because Ethan's room is right next door to them.
However, we have realized as of today that Ethan is not going to be our little artist.
I went to pick him up from class today and when I looked down at his little bin where they usually put the days work and art projects I saw a bright piece of paper sitting in front of his bin.
I reached down with excitement thinking this was his first piece of artwork from school and much to my surprise after picking is up, IT WAS BLANK! Come to find out our little one doesn't like to get his hands dirty. So much for our 1st year art portfolio! :-)
Oh well, hopefully he will adjust and we may see some fun stuff in the future.

I have to say, the break two days a week is really nice. It takes some time to get adjusted to having so much time all to myself. It is truly a blessing to be able to send the kids to such a great school where you feel comfortable leaving them, knowing they are well taken care of and loved by their great teachers.

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Tanni said...

YEAH! Kathy blogged! Thanks for sharing your sweet meomories of their first week. Gavin will love to see their picture.