Monday, September 1, 2008

New House is Now Home

Frank here.

Sneaking onto Kathy's laptop is kinda fun. I'm not sure of the "rules" of blogging; "Family Blog" does that mean that we can ALL write what's on our minds here or is this only Kathy's blog to capture the fun and excitement of the Lewis' lives together. Well, until I am told otherwise I'll write what's on my mind too. :-)

So this Labor Day weekend we had our best friends from Houston visit us at the new home. Kathy organized a nice "family day" and invited many more of our close friends from around the DFW area to converge upon our backyard. The Hamby's, Hanson's, Kaiser's, & a few of Kathy's old friends from work all joined us at our new home in Prosper. Billy, Tanni, Gavin, Gage, & Grayson; Brandt, MaryAnn, Hogan, Rachel, & Brock; Dan, Trudy, Mason, & Eva; Alex, Rachel, & Brooks; Denise, Eric, & Preston; Tim, Lisa & Collin were all in and out of our house from 3pm to dark. The Gerwick's brought a Little Tykes water slide that was the hit of all hits. The kids flung themselfs off this 12' tall blow up toy-of-all-toys for hours as we older folks sat back and discussed old times, caught up on recent happenings and I soon realized that it has been way too long since we've spent quality time like that with so many good friends! I've made a personal committment to myself do more of this. I truly appreciate my friends and love spending family time with them. I look forward to watching all our kids grow up together and create their own "Sand Lot" memories.

Thanks to everyone who spent the day with us. This event was the perfect way to convert a new house into "home".

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Tanni said...

Thanks for having us this weekend. We love your new home. It is always refreshing and welcoming to stay with the Lewis family. Thanks for our wonderful friendship! :)

Also, thanks for starting a blog. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.