Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Zoo Adventure

Well, the Gerwick's and the Lewis' decided to be brave and take all 5 kids to the Dallas zoo on Saturday and we decided to take the Dart rail from Plano down to the zoo. For those of you who don't know, that is about 12 stops before you get to the zoo and to a small child that is an eternity.

There was a small glitch in the plan when while we were crossing the tracks excited to board the train, the train drove off, leaving us to wait 30 minutes (yes, 30 minutes) for the next train. As Kyla would say, "that darn train!" We contemplated just getting in our cars and driving down to the zoo, but lets face it, by the time you walk back to the car, load up all of the kids and drive there, it would be much longer than 30 minutes. So, we decided to wait. After surviving the wait, we got onto a very crowded train (very unexpected) and went on what turned out to be a one hour ride to the zoo. This turned out to be a little much for Gage! Let's just say, he was not happy and he let the whole train know it! Bless his little heart. You can't blame him. He was just wanting to see some animals!

So, we made it and after having some lunch, everyone calmed down and had a great day. Kyla and Ethan loved it. The gorilla's would not cooperate, as usual, but we did see an elephant, tigers, giraffes, rhino's etc... This was Kyla's first trip to the zoo that she will remember and Ethan's first trip ever.

When we saw the excitement and the joy in their little faces, it really reminded us of how lucky we are to be parents of such wonderful children.

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